If you want to save and reduce your electricity bill, if you have enough space on your roof, why not use the on-grid solar power system?

It is the best investment, as it is known that the value of electricity is constantly rising every year, and Egypt is considered one of the sunny areas, and this advantage can be exploited and benefit from the renewable energy source and achieve savings in electricity consumption.

On-grid solar power system and how it works

The solar electricity generation system also known as PV relies on photovoltaic panels that produce electricity when sunlight falls on them. The electricity is then stored in batteries for later use in required applications. This is simply a solar electricity generation system – not tied to the grid or the traditional system.

As for the on-grid solar power system, it is simply generating electricity using solar panels and then transferring the energy directly to the public electricity grid without storing it in batteries.

Benefit from the solar power system

When installing solar panels, they are connected to the public electricity network through a two-way meter, meaning that you can calculate the value of your consumption from the public network and at the same time calculate the value of solar panels production in a separate way. You pay the electricity company the value of your consumption and the electricity company pays you the value of the production. Which means that if the value of production is higher than consumption, this is in your favor because you will get a profit from the electricity company. If the value of production is less than the value of consumption, it is also in your favor because you will pay less consumption value (smaller segment). If the two values ​​are equal, you are also a beneficiary, because in this case you will not pay anything.

In any case, you are the winner.

مثال بسيط على ذلك

قيمة استهلاك الكهرباء في مدة زمنية شهر هو 100 ك واط والمطلوب دفعه 1000 جنيه

قيمة الطاقة المنتجة في نفس المدة الزمنية شهر هو 100 ك واط تدفع لك شركة الكهرباء عنه 1000 جنيه

اذا المطلوب سداده للشركة صفر.

من المثال السابق يتضح انه اذا زدنا في انتاج الكهرباء (باضافة المزيد من الواح توليد الكهربا) في نفس الفترة الزمنية فسوف تجني الارباح من شركة الكهرباء ليس فقط انك دفعت ما تستهلكه.

من مزايا نظام الطاقة الشمسية المربوط على الشبكة

يجب الأخذ في الاعتبار أن نظام الطاقة الشمسية المربوط على الشبكة

تفضل بالتواصل معنا لحساب استهلاك من الكهرباء والقدرة المطلوبة من الطاقة الشمسية وكم من التوفير سوف تحصل عليه بفضل نظام توليد الكهرباء بالطاقة الشمسية – المربوط على الشبكة.